Hello Baby! - セサミ・ベイビー・クラス

Hello Baby! - Sesame Baby Class

Age 6months〜1year old



“Hello Baby” class is providing an affectionate baby care with a homey atmosphere incorporating the English language for your baby. This class is the perfect way to move to the next step of toddler class for you and your baby. We Sesame support families! It gives your child ahead start to grasp the English Language.
Item 内容 / Contents
曜日 / Days
毎週 月曜~金曜

時間 / Time

Available form 1 hour
* Please contact the school office regarding early drop off (8:00 am~) & late pick up (until 7:00 pm).
予約 / Reservation

Available form 1 hour / Advanced reservation required
*Reservation/Cancellation by 2 days ahead
特徴 / Characteristics
少人数制 (限定3名)

Small class (limited 3 children)
Build up their social skills & motor skills
特典 /Benefit
1. プリスクールへの優先入学
2. セサミキャンプの"セサミキッズ料金対象
3. スクール・イベントへの参加

1. Priority enrollment to Preschool program
2. Applies “Sesame Kids fee” for Sesame’s camps.
3. Join Sesame’s events (Halloween, Christmas, Mochi pounding)